ACE compared with other SA schools

As we all know, good teaching does not guarantee proper learning. The question is not, "Is my child being taught"? The question is, "Is my child learning necessary skills"? The whole philosophy of Accelerated Christian Education is learning-based.
 South Africa's controversial new school system is failing to teach children the basics of education.

Researchers have found that pupils who have been taught for the past five years according to the outcomes-based system are not getting basic education in "the three Rs" - reading, writing and arithmetic.

This is the disturbing conclusion reached by the highly regarded Johannesburg-based Holman Institute for Educational and Psychological Evaluation and Research.

Schools using the ACE system score better on average than other schools for more than half the measurements. The ultimate test, of course, is how Grade 9 learners in schools using the  ACE system scored compared with those in other schools. Here, too,half the  measurements were higher in the schools using ACE.

This research showed statistically that ACE schooling is more effective than other teaching in South-Africa.

written by" DR. Holman (D Com (Unisa) Industrial Psychologist) who is an independent industrial psychologist and the director of the Holman Institute for Educational and Psychological Evaluation and Research in JHB.