Cosmos Private Academy  from Preschool - Gr12

We are an independent Christian school using the ACE programme:

ACE " Accelerated Christian Education"Accelerated Christian Education is a complete package of individualized curriculum material, covering all grade levels from Preschool through Year 13 and beyond.
Since 1977 the A.C.E. curriculum has been successfully studied by thousands of students in SA, and today, it is used by many thousands of Christian Schools and Home Educators throughout the world. The A.C.E. curriculum was developed from an international perspective in order that it could be used throughout the world. National units are included in Maths and Social Studies, and at high school level, students are able to choose from over thirty elective courses.

Each subject is presented in a series of self-instructional workbooks, called PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education), progressively graduated so that new concepts and truths build upon previously mastered ones - mastery learning. Some courses employ videos sessions to enhance the learning process whilst others are supplemented with computer software programmes. A student will normally complete twelve PACEs in five or more subjects a year. In general, twelve completed PACEs in any particular subject represent one year's work. The standard required to demonstrate mastery is high, with a minimum pass mark of 80% in each PACE test required before a student is permitted to proceed to the next unit of work.

A World class education is within reach of your child. Get more than a wealth of knowledge,get wisdom and live life to the full according to God's plan for your life.

Christian education doesn't cost - it pays! "Grame Yoko"

True education goes far beyond the transfer of knowledge and facts from one generation to the next. Education is about life, it is the achievement of the maximum potential of each child-whatever that my be...