Frequently asked questions:

Qualified staff?
Yes. A Supervisor is a Professional staff member and usually one who has earned at least B degree or suitable tertiary qualification, answers academic questions, administers diagnostic and achievement test, and inspires and motivates students to perform at maximum potential. In addition, all supervisors must complete ACE training administered by officially approved personnel. A monitor is a paraprofessional aid who checks goals, records attendance, observes student behavior, answers non-academic questions, files materials and helps motivate students to their optimum. A monitor does not need a degree but will undergo staff training prior to being employed in Cosmos Private Academy school

Biblically sound preschool education. * Safe environment* Intimate classroom*After school care* Non-profit corporation* Discount given for each additional sibling enrolled

The main purpose of the School is to conduct and maintain a school for formal primary and secondary education; based on Christian principles.

  What does Silver Status mean and why is it important for a school to have achieved it?
Silver Status is an honorary status awarded to a school that has met all the requirements for offering a quality education to its learners. Requirements include registration with the Department of Education, minimum time of operation and fulfilling all the requirements of a school assessment carried out by an official School of Tomorrow representative. Silver status is awarded on an annual basis. The school must maintain a certain level of excellence, and it also assures parents of the school's quality.

What subjects are offered?
Our progress motivated, individualized learning programme covers the critical outcomes and
minimum standards of the Revised National Curriculum Statements (RNCS) as prescribed by
the Department of Education in South Africa The Curriculum is composed of units, called
PACE"s that relate to the 8 learning areas  of the South African Curriculum.
* Mathematical Literacy, Mathematics
* Human and Social Sciences
* Natural sciences
* Economic and Management Sciences
* Technology
* Art and Culture
* Life Orientation
* Languages  Literacy Communication

Which syllabus does Cosmos follow?
The National Core Syllabus as prescribed by the Department of Education.

And Tertiary institutions?
The School of Tomorrow Grade 12 College Entrance Certificate with exception equivalence will grant access to all universities in South-Africa. Students will apply to universities for admission on an individual basis under paragraph 31 of regulations (The Senate discretionary exemption route), Candidates must submit results of the SAT (international), with a score of 1100 minimum in total and 500 minimum for each subject. The Grade 12 College Entrance Certificate without exemption equivalence will grant access to most technikons and technical colleges in South-Africa. Application to technikons will be accepted on the grounds that School of Tomorrow has interim registration with SAQA, which at present does exist.

We are part of SACSSA (South African Christian School's Sport Association).
This allows us to partake in
 Table Tennis
 Chess and various
other activities with other ACE schools in  the area.